“I think Read a Book, Earn a Book is really helping me.”

As we finish up our reading session, my student suddenly turns to me and says “I think Read a Book, Earn a Book is really helping me.”

I respond, “How so?”

He says, “My teacher says I’ve gone up two reading levels”.

I suddenly realize he is improving at a rate of one level per month with just 30 minutes per week of one-on-one reading support. With a little one-on-one investment, he was confidently tapping into his personal literacy potential.

Would you like to help students tap into their personal literacy potential?


Read a Book, Earn a Book utilizes a one-on-one student-centered approach. Each student chooses a book from a set of pre-selected titles, reads it cover to cover with support, and “earns” it upon completion. We provide the training and the books so that you can focus on developing a love of reading with your student. It is a simple and successful program.


Read a Book, Earn a Book is offered October through April, and is structured around investing 30 minutes per week per student. We encourage volunteers to commit to 2 students per week, back to back (60 minutes per week total). If 1 student is absent, volunteers may invest the entire hour reading with the attending student.


Read a Book, Earn a Book students average 5 TRC levels of reading proficiency improvement over a school year. How is this possible? We find that gains achieved during one-on-one reading sessions are carried back to the classroom, where the effects are then multiplied by our teachers.

InspirationRead a Book, Earn a Book promotes literacy by providing engaging reading material in a learning environment that is always safe and supportive. It is designed to build trust, promote confidence, encourage goal setting, and develop a lifelong love of reading.

At_HomeWe all want our kids to be great readers… Read a Book, Earn a Book makes it easy! Watch for us at school events, where we share our approach along with brand new books for you to share at home. We hope you enjoy helping your child “earn” their book.