Reading at Home

Getting Started:

  • Bookmark: Fill out the top of the bookmark. Invite your child to help you.
  • Choice Board: Look at the Choice Board with your child and talk about which activity looks the most exciting.

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Reading with Your Child:

  • Exploring the Book: Encourage your child to look at the cover and flip through the pages. Savor this time together to build excitement around reading.
  • Smile, Smile, Smile: Reading is fun. Smiling and nodding as you read with your child creates an environment that feels safe and supportive. It tells them that reading is a happy activity.
  • Tracking Words: Encourage your child to read the book title and pages with a “powerful reading finger” to follow each word. If your child forgets, gently tap the next word with your finger or say “Finger, please” as a reminder. Pointing at each word is essential. It helps your child completely focus on each word through seeing it, touching it, hearing it, and speaking it).
  • Supporting Your Child: Assure your child that you will help with the difficult words. When you do, say the word clearly and encourage your child to repeat the word immediately after you. A phrase like “Now you say it” works well. Please do not use words like “I know you know this one.” Children are often challenged by words that may seem simple to adults, such as “of,” “if,” or “for”. Quickly supplying the word and asking your child to repeat it after you will increase fluency, promote comprehension, and makes your child feel safe and supported.
  • Encouraging Curiosity: Invite your child to ask questions. For example: “If you see a new word or idea that you want me to explain… just ask. I am always happy to answer your questions.” Encouraging questions promotes curiosity and engagement, which your child will carry back to the classroom.

To get a feel for how we read, take a minute to watch this short video!

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Completing the Bookmark and Choice Board:

  • Each Time You Read: Log the date, and the last page read at the end of each reading session. Your child might enjoy helping you.
  • Book Completion: The day your child finishes reading a book, make it a celebration! Write a note of praise in the interior, inviting your child to suggest what you should write. After the message, sign your name and add the date to help make this day memorable. Hand them the book with enthusiasm, saying, “Good Job! You finished the book!”
  • Choice Board Completion: Focus on making the activity quality, fun time with your child.

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Earning the Bonus Book:

Instruct your child to turn in the completed Bookmark and Choice Board to his/her teacher to “earn his/her Bonus Book. Read a book. Earn a book!